BIGVU Review – AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Say goodbye to complex video creation! BIGVU is a game-changing AI-powered video studio that simplifies scripting, recording, and editing. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or business owner, BIGVU’s seamless features help you produce professional videos effortlessly.


What is BIGVU?

BIGVU is an all-in-one video creation platform designed to help you script, record, edit, and share high-quality videos quickly and easily. With AI-powered tools and a mobile teleprompter, BIGVU makes video production accessible to everyone.


  • AI script writing
  • Edit videos by editing the script
  • Livestreaming to Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn
  • AI Eye Contact Fix
  • Turn blogs into video scripts
  • Automatic captions
  • Teleprompter
  • Video recorder
  • Video Landing Pages
  • Download file
  • Professional titling
  • Music backgrounds
  • Replace green background
  • One-click posting to multiple social networks
  • Custom branding
  • Custom titling, fonts, and colors

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  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • YouTube

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My Own Review:

BIGVU has transformed my video creation process. The AI scriptwriter is a lifesaver, generating engaging scripts in minutes. The teleprompter feature ensures I stay on point without missing a beat, and the automatic captions enhance accessibility for my audience. Compared to alternatives like Descript and VideoAsk, which lack a lifetime deal and cost more in the long run, BIGVU offers incredible value. I decided to spend the “Plan One price” because it provides all the tools I need without recurring fees. The seamless social sharing and professional branding options make it indispensable for my content creation needs.

Note that:

My curated review process emphasizes selecting only the best products from AppSumo based on extensive user review analysis. I have been using AppSumo products for more than 3 years and only review products rated 4.5 or higher by users. If it’s on my blog “”, it is good.

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Final Words

Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal! AppSumo deals are often limited and may never return. I’ve regretted not purchasing some lifetime deals, leading to higher recurring costs later. Act fast and get BIGVU today to elevate your video creation game.