Drawtify Review – AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Ever felt like hitting the jackpot? That’s how I felt finding a lifetime deal for Drawtify on AppSumo.


What is Drawtify?

Drawtify is an online vector graphic editor packed with features that cater to both professional designers and novices. It simplifies the design process with user-friendly tools and a plethora of templates and design elements.

Key Features:

  • 100% Vector Editor
  • 1000+ design element templates
  • 20K+ icons and shapes
  • Multiple table editing tools
  • Barcode generator
  • Fast & precise photo editing
  • Special effects
  • Artistic typography & layout
  • Intuitive animation tools
  • Unlimited layer list

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My Own Review:

Why did I choose Drawtify over Adobe Illustrator, Canva, and Visme? None of them offered a “LIFETIME DEAL” like AppSumo did for Drawtify.
Here’s how Drawtify matched up to its competitors for me:

  • ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR costs around $20.99/month. Great, but no lifetime deal.
  • CANVA offers ease, but at $12.99/month and no lifetime deal.
  • VISME, innovative, yet $25/month with no end in sight.

Drawtify’s VECTOR EDITING capability is robust, rivaling Adobe’s precision. I used it heavily to tweak vector graphics for client projects, and the results were top-notch. The TEMPLATE LIBRARY saved me on numerous occasions, especially during tight deadlines. The ANIMATION TOOLS added that extra flair to my presentations, making them more engaging.

Spending just “$79.90” on Drawtify was a no-brainer. This small investment has paid off in massive dividends in terms of productivity and client satisfaction.

Note that: My review process is meticulous, relying on extensive user review analysis. I’ve been using and reviewing AppSumo products for over three years. I ensure that any product on my blog, Hooglow.com, has a user rating above 4.5. I don’t review bad products because I use affiliate links, and promoting poor quality would be both unethical and unwise.

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One-time purchase: $79.90 from a regular price of $990

Final Words

If you’re on the fence about Drawtify, remember, deals like this don’t come back. I’ve kicked myself over missed opportunities with other products, now stuck paying monthly fees. So, don’t wait! Check out this lifetime deal before it’s too late and start creating with ease and precision.