Hirevire Review – AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Lucky me, and perhaps you too! Stumbling upon a lifetime deal on AppSumo feels like striking gold, especially when it’s for a product as promising as Hirevire.


What is Hirevire?

Hirevire revolutionizes the traditional recruitment process by enabling businesses to collect video interviews from job applicants, simplifying the initial screening phase and ensuring only top candidates proceed to the next stages.

Key Features:

  • Video recordings collection directly from the careers page
  • Integration with LinkedIn and custom APIs
  • GDPR compliance and AI technology
  • White label options and custom CNAME

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  • Custom API
  • LinkedIn
  • Make (formerly Integromat)
  • Zapier

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My Own Review:

My quest for the perfect recruitment tool led me to Hirevire. Its simplicity and effectiveness outshone alternatives like VideoAsk. Unlike competitors, Hirevire doesn’t offer a lifetime deal, which makes this AppSumo offer even more enticing. Here’s why Hirevire won my heart:

  • The video interview feature allowed me to see candidates in action without the hassle of scheduling initial calls.
  • Integration with platforms like LinkedIn streamlined my workflow significantly.
  • Most importantly, the lifetime access for a one-time fee of $109, which is a steal compared to the ongoing costs of other tools.

This product not only met but exceeded my expectations. After using it, spending “$109” felt like the best investment for my recruitment needs. It was worth every penny!

Note that: I am selective about the products I review. My process involves detailed analysis of user reviews and personal testing. I’ve been leveraging AppSumo deals for over three years and trust their offerings. I only recommend products that I would use myself, ensuring they have a user rating of 4.5 or higher. If it’s featured on my blog “Hooglow.com,” you can be sure it’s a worthwhile investment.

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Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to Hirevire
  • Must redeem code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future plan updates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Plan 1: $109 (Originally $2,376)
  • Plan 2: $218
  • Plan 3: $327

Final Words

Hirevire’s lifetime deal on AppSumo is a rare gem that might not return. From personal experience, missing out on such offers leads to regrets, as some deals never reappear, leaving you stuck with high monthly fees. If you want to streamline your hiring process efficiently and cost-effectively, act now before this deal disappears! Click through to the AppSumo page and grab this opportunity while it lasts.