Outscraper: Google Search Results Scraper Review – Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Are you tired of manually extracting search results data from Google? Look no further! Outscraper: Google Search Results Scraper is your ultimate solution. With this tool, you can effortlessly scrape structured search results data into a file and get real-time SERP data without any coding skills. This lifetime deal on Appsumo is a game-changer for marketers, sales managers, small businesses, and solopreneurs.

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What is Outscraper?

Outscraper is a powerful tool that allows you to scrape Google search results and integrate the data into your existing platform. It supports various formats such as CSV, Excel, and JSON, making it easy to work with the extracted data. Whether you need to gather data for lead generation, SEO, or market research, Outscraper has got you covered.

Key Features:

  • Export data into CSV, XLSX, Parquet, JSON formats.
  • Enrich data with emails, social links, and additional phone numbers.
  • Filters for targeted data extraction like presence of phones, emails, or websites.
  • Removes duplicates for clean, unique data sets.
  • Cloud-based execution protects your IP address.

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  • HubSpot
  • Zapier

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My Own Review:

HAVING TRIED MULTIPLE DATA SCRAPING TOOLS, Google Maps Scraper stood out for its INTUITIVE PLATFORM AND ROBUST FEATURES that were CRITICAL in my marketing strategies.

I OPTED FOR THE APPSUMO LIFETIME DEAL JUST TO TEST THE SOFTWARE’S CAPABILITIES. Honestly, spending “$119” felt like a steal for the value it offered. Each feature from the rich data set generation to seamless integration with HubSpot has proven INVALUABLE in crafting targeted marketing campaigns and expanding my client base.

I chose this scraper over alternatives mainly because of its ability to filter data by specific criteria and remove duplicates, which are essential for maintaining a high-quality database. Competitor tools lacked these options, making Google Maps Scraper a superior choice.

Note that: My curated review process is rigorous. I SELECT ONLY THE BEST PRODUCTS from AppSumo based on extensive user review analysis and personal testing. With over THREE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE using AppSumo products, I understand the quality these deals bring. I don’t promote products rated less than 4.5 by users on my blog “Hooglow.com.” Each post includes affiliate links, but I ensure to review only those products that truly deliver value, maintaining both ethical standards and credibility.

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  • One-time purchase: $119
  • Original price: $2,160

Final Words

If you’re in sales, marketing, or any field that benefits from rich, accurate business data, this tool is indispensable. Given AppSumo’s tendency to end deals, sometimes never to return them, I urge you not to miss out. I’ve personally experienced regret over missed lifetime deals, which ended up costing much more in the long run. GRAB THIS DEAL WHILE YOU CAN!