Pickaxe Review – AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Ready to build, share, and manage AI tools without any coding? Meet Pickaxe, a revolutionary platform that allows you to harness the power of AI effortlessly. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to scale your knowledge business or a tech enthusiast wanting to explore AI, Pickaxe offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

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What is Pickaxe?

Pickaxe is an innovative tool designed to help users create, deploy, and monetize AI tools with ease. No coding is required, making it accessible for everyone. With Pickaxe, you can launch your AI studio, embed AI into your projects, and start earning from your expertise.

Key Features:

  • No-code AI tool creation
  • AI studio launch for brand and tools
  • Monetize expertise with paid subscriptions
  • Templates for easy startup
  • User interaction monitoring

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  • Custom AI templates
  • AI tool embedding options

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My Own Review:

I chose Pickaxe because it simplifies AI creation without needing technical skills. The feature that stood out the most was the NO-CODE tool creation, which allowed me to launch my AI studio effortlessly. Each feature, from monetizing expertise to embedding AI, has been incredibly useful. I initially bought the AppSumo lifetime deal for $39 to test the software’s potential, and it exceeded my expectations. Compared to alternatives like Alice ($49) and LeaderJam ($49), which don’t offer lifetime deals, Pickaxe provides more value for a one-time fee.

Note that:

I meticulously review products from AppSumo, choosing only the best based on extensive user reviews. I’ve been using AppSumo products for over three years and only review those rated above 4.5. If it’s on my blog “Hooglow.com,” it’s good. I always use the refund option but still find many products useful. I wait for AppSumo emails to catch new or missed deals. I don’t review bad products since I use affiliate links, and it would be unethical and unwise to promote poor-quality items.

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Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to Pickaxe
  • No code required for AI tool creation
  • Templates included


  • $39/lifetime (Regular price $100)

Final Words

Pickaxe is an exceptional tool for anyone looking to dive into AI without coding skills. With its lifetime deal on AppSumo, it’s a steal compared to other AI tools that charge recurring fees. Act fast, as these deals don’t last forever, and you might regret missing out on such valuable offers. Click through to the AppSumo page and secure your Pickaxe lifetime deal today!