TidyCal: Simplify Your Booking Strategy

Most calendar tools are weighed down by complicated features you’ll never need. (“I’m not sure what ‘round robin’ is but it sounds messy.”). Worst of all, you’re paying monthly subscription fees to access features you aren’t actually using.

Wish there was one simple tool that made it easy to book meetings, get paid, and manage your calendar?

Meet TidyCal.


TidyCal and it’s Feature

TidyCal is a user-friendly scheduling app that streamlines calendar management and booking procedures. Tailored for various meeting types, it offers features like:

  • Custom Booking Pages: Create free and paid booking options with customizable pages that sync to your calendar.
  • Meeting Options: Set up different booking types—paid, free, recurring, and group bookings—to accommodate diverse meeting needs.
  • Date Polls: Eliminate scheduling hassles with date polls, avoiding endless back-and-forth discussions.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrates with Google, PayPal, Stripe, Zapier, Zoom, and more for a versatile user experience.
  • GDPR Compliance: Ensures privacy and compliance with GDPR standards.
  • Availability Management: Easily manage your availability, set default weekly availability, and exclude specific dates for different booking types.
  • Integration with Calendars: Syncs with Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and Microsoft 365 Calendar for real-time availability updates.
  • Payment Integration: Effortlessly pay and get paid with integrated Stripe and PayPal options.
  • Embeddable Booking Pages: Share custom booking pages through links or embeddable widgets on your website for quick and seamless bookings.
  • Import from Calendly: Transition from Calendly by importing key settings and data directly into TidyCal.

Spend less time on calendar management and more time achieving results with TidyCal’s smooth booking experience. Simplify your booking strategy and get lifetime access to TidyCal today!

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  • One-Time Payment: $29 for a lifetime ensures long-term affordability.
  • All-Inclusive Features: Enjoy access to all features, including reduced branding, group bookings, and pro integrations.
  • 10 Calendar Connections: Connect multiple calendars for comprehensive schedule management.
  • Free & Paid Meetings: Create versatile meeting options tailored to your unique requirements.


TidyCal proves to be a robust scheduling solution, offering a user-friendly experience, comprehensive features, and an unbeatable lifetime price of $29. Simplify your scheduling, manage your calendar effortlessly, and project a professional image with TidyCal.

Ready to elevate your scheduling game? Secure your lifetime access to TidyCal today!