Uuki Review – AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Looking for a futuristic community platform to build your audience and scale your business? Meet Uuki, your one-stop solution for creating engaging and monetized communities. With Uuki, you can host discussions, create event pages, and sell content seamlessly. Say goodbye to silent groups and random bots, and hello to an interactive community experience.


What is Uuki?

Uuki is a modern community platform designed to foster interaction and engagement among like-minded users. Whether you’re a content creator, educator, or online coach, Uuki helps you build and monetize communities effortlessly.


  • White-label customization
  • AI-powered functionalities
  • Event management
  • Monetization through one-time or subscription payments
  • Gamified elements (karma, ranks, leaderboards)
  • Custom domains and branding

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  • API
  • Discord
  • Pabbly Connect
  • Telegram
  • Zapier

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Personal Review

I chose Uuki because it offered a comprehensive set of features that fit perfectly with my needs as a community manager. Its white-label customization allowed me to brand my community, and the AI-powered functionalities provided a unique edge. The monetization options were straightforward, making it easy to generate revenue. I compared Uuki with alternatives like Mighty Networks and Circle, but their recurring fees ($99/month) didn’t match the value of Uuki’s lifetime deal. Spending “$99” for the Plan One price was a no-brainer, given the extensive features and long-term savings.

Note that

My review process is curated, emphasizing the selection of only the best products from AppSumo based on extensive user review analysis. I have been using AppSumo products for more than 3 years and know what I am doing. I don’t use or review products that are rated less than 4.5 by the users. So if it’s in my blog “Hooglow.com,” it is good. I always use the refund option anyways, but there are still many products that are useful for me. I always wait for AppSumo emails to check out new ones or see if some missed deals are back. I don’t post bad products because I use affiliate links in every post from which I earn a commission, and it would be unethical and dumb to review a bad product and also use their affiliate link to promote.

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Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to Uuki
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • Must redeem code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Stack unlimited codes
  • Optional add-on: $20/month or $150/year


  • Single Plan: $99 (1 community, 3 private spaces, 1 moderator/admin, 2% monetization fees, remove branding)
  • Double Plan: $198 (2 communities, 5 private spaces, 3 moderators/admins, 2% monetization fees, remove branding)
  • Multiple Plan: $297 (3 communities, 7 private spaces, 5 moderators/admins, 2% monetization fees, remove branding, custom CSS and JavaScript, advanced analytics and moderation)


Uuki is a powerful community-building platform with extensive features and integrations, making it an excellent choice for content creators and educators. The lifetime deal offers incredible value, saving you from recurring monthly fees. Don’t miss out on this deal, as AppSumo often removes such offers, and they may never return. I regretted missing some lifetime deals in the past and now pay high monthly fees for similar services. Secure your Uuki lifetime deal today and start building your community!